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AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System

AccuCyte Separation Tube with AccuCyte collector and CyteSealer® device 

Simple and repeatable

The AccuCyte system moves nucleated cells from whole blood to slides with virtually no cell loss.

  • Maximum sensitivity achieved via density based, no lysis, no wash transfer of nucleated cells to slides
  • Engineered for repeatable target cell collection by any user to achieve reliable results
  • Convenient workflow for single or multi-site execution includes 3-day blood stability and potential to bank slides for 1 year

Whole blood to cell collection to spread slide

How it works

  • Transfer blood from the AccuCyte blood collection tube to the AccuCyte Separation Tube
  • Spin to separate blood layers
  • Seal off red blood cells with CyteSealer device and remove plasma
  • Add AccuCyte high density fluids and collector
  • Spin to collect nucleated cells
  • Spread cell monolayer to slides using the CyteSpreader® device


CyteSpreader base and blade

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