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AccuCyte® Blood Sample Preparation System

Features and Benefits

  • Reliable, repeatable and scalable rare cell isolation and collection
  • Rare cell enumeration, phenotyping and preparation for downstream analysis
  • Cell collection is based on density – independent of protein expression or cell size.
  • Cells for analysis are retrieved through a centrifugation process without manual operation – eliminating user error.
  • No wash steps are used, which greatly reduces the chance of cell loss during the collection process.

How does AccuCyte work?

RareCyte’s AccuCyte separation system is precision engineered to make the collection of blood cell fractions simple and repeatable. Cells for analysis are retrieved through a highly reliable centrifugation process that requires no special training or experience.

During centrifugation of the separation tube, nucleated blood cells (the “buffy coat”) localize to a thin band between the float and the tube wall based on their density. The float design creates gentle flow patterns to achieve this, minimizing cell damage or loss.

Next, CyteSealer® applies a ring around the Separation Tube that seals the tube to the float to create a barrier between the buffy coat and red blood cells below. CyteSealer ensures collection of only the fraction of cells located on the float that are above the seal.

After removal of the plasma – all of which may be saved for analysis – the cells above the sealing ring are isolated by insertion of the EpiCollector® into the separation tube. This allows collection of the cells in a second centrifugation step in which a heavy density isolation fluid displaces the buoyant cells from the float directly into the isolation tube within the EpiCollector.

Interested in learning more?

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