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Critical support for therapeutic cancer drug development

RareCyte partners with biopharma to design and implement cell-based, liquid biopsy drug target / biomarker assays that support therapeutic development

RareCyte has developed a unique platform for the isolation and analysis of rare single cells, such as circulating tumor cells. This technology can be customized to deliver rapid and accurate assessment of biomarkers of interest to your program.

Scientists at RareCyte have the experience and expertise to help you design an assay that delivers the critical information you need to monitor and quantify the status of cells that are of greatest interest.

Technology and Expertise. Together these are the foundations of the RareCyte BioPharma Partnerships program.

Drug Target Phenotyping

RareCyte partners with a client to identify the presence of a drug target on cancer cells by liquid biopsy.

How we create your custom assay

Development of a custom assay involves a close working relationship between the client and the RareCyte scientific staff. In brief, we subdivide the process into five essential steps.

These steps, carefully and conscientiously executed, will deliver a highly specific and reliable assay that will provide long term support for your development program.

Contact us about your program requirements

Learn more about how the RareCyte Pharma Partnerships program can help you manage and accelerate your research. Thanks for your interest.