CTC-Based Liquid Biopsy

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are the origin of distant cancer metastases, which are responsible for most cancer-related mortality. CTC count is associated with prognosis and response to therapy, and analysis of CTCs allows investigation of cancer cell biomarker expression and mutational status from a non-invasive liquid biopsy.

RareCyte® enables practical deployment of CTC-based liquid biopsy with instrumentation and consumables that provide an exquisitely sensitive, accurate, reproducible, and transparent workflow from blood collection to single-cell isolation.

The RareCyte platform enables:

  • Monitoring CTC count and biomarker expression over time for clinical research
  • Custom assay and companion diagnostics development through our Pharma Programs 
  • Cancer-specific and Developer panels for your biomarkers
  • Examination of cancer mutations in single CTCs

Uniquely RareCyte

The RareCyte platform provides:

  • Reproducibility: End-to-end workflow designed for consistent results in multi-site deployment settings common to large clinical research studies
  • Flexibility: Three-day blood sample stability and bank-before-stain option enables practical clinical sample shipping, staining, and analysis pipelines
  • Sensitivity: Unbiased and highly sensitive target cell recovery with the AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System
  • Specificity: Up to six-channel fluorescence imaging with machine learning-enabled CTC detection protects against false positives
  • Validated panels: RarePlex® Staining Kits for research use designed for CTC identification and biomarker expression analysis
  • Retrieval: Gentle, single cell isolation for nucleic acid analysis

Image gallery of spike-in model CTCs surrounded by white blood cells on AccuCyte slides. Nuclei (magenta) / CK/EpCAM (green)

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RareCyte panels for liquid biopsy analysis include markers used for CTC identification and for biomarker exploration. CTCs are identified as nucleated cells that express CK/EpCAM but not CD45. The Breast panel includes HER2 and ER, while the Prostate panel includes AR and ARv7, and the Checkpoint panel includes PDL1 and IRF1. The Developer Kit enables you to customize your panel with up to two of your own biomarkers.