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Circulating Tumor Cells

Circulating tumor cells provide a dynamic view of cancer progression

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cancer cells that migrate out from tumor masses and enter the blood stream. Once in the circulation, they have the potential to engraft in distant tissues to develop into new tumors (metastases). It is this tumor spread that is responsible for most cancer deaths. Since all distant tumors were derived from CTCs, it is likely that these cells will hold many valuable clues to the biology of metastatic cancer.

AccuCyte-CyteFinder is the ideal platform for rare CTC isolation and analysis

The AccuCyte-CyteFinder is a fully integrated platform for isolation, identification, analysis and retrieval of rare single circulating tumor cells. The platform offers multiple important benefits.

  • Collection by cell density greatly reduces potential loss of variant CTCs
  • Six channel rare cell analysis capability allows sensitive rare cell identification and interrogation of relevant disease biomarkers and drug targets
  • The only system that integrates visual identification of rare cells with their retrieval, enabling individual cell molecular analysis

Download the RareCyte Brochure | PDF 2.8MB

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