CyteFinder is a small, powerful system for high-throughput rare cell detection and analysis with an integrated module for single cell retrieval from standard microscope slides.

CyteFinder is fast, precise, and automated. It combines a 10x, large field-of-view scan optimized for speed, with an optional 40x re-scan of objects of interest for high-resolution images. It's designed for high-throughput use, capable of scanning a slide in under 12 minutes during standard operation. Its software provides an intuitive analysis and visualization interface, designed to do the heavy lifting for the user by leveraging more than 395 different parameters to locate and identify rare cells of interest, dramatically reducing review time. It's flexible enough to incorporate the use of customer-driven, unique panels of antibodies to characterize rare circulating cells of interest. And when combined with AccuCyte blood separation technology, it has been proven to identify over 90% of rare target cells (see publications).


The CytePicker module is a unique example of RareCyte’s innovative engineering. Integrated with the CyteFinder instrument, the CytePicker module enables isolation and downstream analysis of individual, rare cells. It makes advanced single-cell investigation possible in virtually any laboratory by the simple yet specific picking of a single identified cell of interest for further exploration.

CytePicker has a durable needle design that allows for retrieval from many samples. It has a very precise three-dimensional calibration and flow control to repeatedly retrieve and deposit rare cells of interest. Cells can be deposited into RareCyte’s flat-bottomed PCR tubes for visual confirmation of retrieval prior to downstream processing. Sophisticated software controls the calibration and operation of the CytePicker needle to minimize user inputs – two clicks to calibrate and retrieve!

Publications Featuring CyteFinder & CytePicker

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