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A Rapidly Expanding Library of Rare Single Cell Applications

These application areas represent just a few of the ways in which the RareCyte platform is enabling new applications or dramatically enhancing existing applications.

Tissue Analysis

High parameter whole slide tissue imaging – enabling cutting-edge applications for research, discovery, and future diagnostics

RareCyte’s CyteFinder platform provides high sensitivity and multi-parameter immunofluorescence analysis with the integrated capability to retrieve small regions of interest (ROIs) for downstream molecular analysis.  The image above is taken from a multi-parameter application highlighted in a poster from the Harvard Laboratory for Systems Pharmacology and the Broad Institute of MIT.

Download the poster to learn more.


Rare immune cells play a critical role in many diseases, including cancer

Merkel Cell Carcinoma. MCC is a rare but aggressive form of skin cancer that has proved problematic for analysis by conventional flow cytometry.  RareCyte’s CytePicker® technology has enabled RT-PCR analysis of single antigen-specific CD4 cells, delivering information that is clearer and more detailed than information obtained by flow cytometry.

Download the poster to learn more.

Prenatal Testing

Non-invasive genetic testing of fetal cells in maternal blood

RareCyte technology brings a new level of sensitivity and detail to the genetic analysis of fetal cells.  Although other noninvasive methods for genetic testing are currently widely available, such as cell-free fetal DNA testing, they have their limitations. For instance, cell-free DNA testing cannot reliably detect very small changes in the fetal genome, in particular gene deletions that can lead to devastating diseases.

Research on the genetic analysis of rare fetal cells in maternal blood was published in Prenatal Diagnosis.

Infectious Disease Testing

Lyme disease – a case of extremely rare infectious agents

Lyme Disease is now the most common arthropod-borne illness in the U.S., with more than 300,000 cases  reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] every year.  Diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease can be challenging for clinicians due to its diverse manifestations and the limitations of currently available serological (blood) tests. The extreme sensitivity of the RareCyte platform offers the possibility of accurate diagnosis in the early stages of the disease.

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