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Mouse PDX

Use liquid biopsies to expand the applications of your PDX mouse models

The RareCyte platform enables you to expand the scope of your research with Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) mice and to undertake new kinds of studies. By replacing tumor biopsies with liquid biopsies, you spend less time gathering samples and can analyze many more. In addition, you can perform repeated assays on the same mouse, which enhances the validity of your sample-to-sample comparisons.

Working with liquid biopsy samples from mice has been problematic because so little sample material is typically obtained from any given mouse.  The high sensitivity of RareCyte’s integrated rare cell analysis and retrieval platform virtually eliminates this problem. The AccuCyte cell collection process has been proven to recover >90% of targeted CTCs from whole blood, virtually assuring that you will be able to recover the cells you need for your studies.

MOUSE PDX Circulating Tumor Cells

These images show circulating tumor cells obtained from a mouse PDX model, stained with conventional CTC indicators, along with stains for two additional biomarkers.

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The very small blood sample volumes obtained from mice are fully compatible with the RareCyte platform. Applications like CTC analysis are fully enabled by the platform’s high sensitivity.