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About Us

A dedicated team focused on an important challenge

RareCyte is a life science company that has developed technologies for the analysis of rare, single cells in blood. We believe that rare circulating cells hold valuable answers to important clinical questions in areas such as cancer, prenatal health, and infectious disease.

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers is dedicated to building an innovative and integrated technology platform with products that advance the boundaries of biomedical research. We come to work knowing that there are a lot of strides to be made in the area of rare cell diagnostics. We understand the importance of achieving this goal in order to radically improve the care and lives of patients worldwide through better diagnostic testing, research and data.

We believe that RareCyte is uniquely positioned to take on this challenge.

Please visit the Products section for more information on our products and technology and the Applications section for a description of how our products are being utilized by customers to better understand and diagnose disease.


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