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Delivering on the promise of liquid biopsy

What is the promise of liquid biopsy?

That non-invasive blood sampling can provide the wealth of data necessary for 21st century clinical investigation and patient care.

Contents of the Video Presentation

The evolution of liquid biopsy and its application to CTCs and ctDNA.

This section discusses the early application of liquid biopsy in the CellSearch system and the directions the technique is going toward more detailed molecular analysis.  It also compares the relative values of the complementary analyses of single cells and circulating DNA — what they offer, and what their limitations.

CTC analysis-  an essential part of the cancer diagnostics portfolio.

The medical value of monitoring CTC level characterizing CTC phenotypes and isolating CTCs for molecular analysis is presented in this section.  The need for use of individual cells in the analysis is highlighted and discussed.

The RareCyte rare cell analysis platform

This section presents an overview of the RareCyte process, which is modeled on established clinical pathology workflows.  The overall workflow is presented, along with details of how the RareCyte platform facilitates the collection, sorting, isolation and retrieval of individual CTCs.

Data presentation

Performance of the RareCyte platform in a number of applications and tests is discussed in this section.  The data presented include the following:

  • A comparison of the efficiency of CTC retrieval between the RareCyte platform and the CellSearch platform using samples from prostate cancer and lung cancer.
  • Details of a clinical study in which a triple-negative drug resistant metastatic breast cancer patient was studied over the course of her therapy.  The data report changes in CTC number, changes in CTC genomics and characterization of the driver and deleterious mutations involved in her cancer.  This is an excellent example of how molecular analysis of single cells can significantly inform both diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Multi-parameter phenotyping

This section demonstrates how the use of 6 channels of data collection — 4 for traditional CTC isolation and 2 custom biomarker channels — may be used to create uniquely valuable assays.  Data from one of RareCyte’s pharma partners using a customized assay is presented.

Sample preparation and analysis tailored for CRO-supported clinical operations

RareCyte has identified and certified a sample preparation CRO with presence on three continents.  The laboratory provides support for staining and CyteFinder analysis. This section describes the support network.


What allows us to find this single rare cell?

Application specific automated microscope platform

  • Patented kinematic slide holder
  • Custom designed motion control system
  • Integrated machine-learning algorithm

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