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RarePlex ARv7 CTC Panel Kit

The RarePlex ARv7 CTC Panel Kit (0913-LB) enables detection of androgen receptor splice variant 7 (ARv7) expression by CTCs. Androgen-mediated signaling is the predominant driver of prostate cancer proliferation. ARv7 is a constitutively active AR splice variant and is a difficult to detect diagnostic prostate cancer biomarker that is associated with resistance to second generation therapies.

As prostate cancer is a rapidly evolving field where studies identifying and characterizing new biomarkers aim to identify a cancer-halting treatment, assay flexibility is required to keep pace with CTC discoveries. The ARv7 Panel Kit is designed to allow you to add an additional biomarker of your choice with a Developer Kit.

The ARv7 Panel Kit includes all reagents needed to detect ARv7, CK/EpCAM, CD45, and nuclei on AccuCyte slides. Extensive kit validation demonstrated high accuracy, repeatability, and inter-run precision, making the ARv7 Panel Kit ideal for use in large, multi-center clinical trials.

RareCyte’s deployable platform for CTC analysis:

  • A clinical research laboratory can process blood to slides to result in their own lab
  • Platform produces accurate and highly reproducible results
  • Convenient pause points in workflow enable shipping between sites
  • Flexibility in sample processing – A site can process AccuCyte slides and/or perform staining and analysis
  • Leverage worldwide network of CROs
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Clinical prostate cancer sample stained with the ARv7 CTC Panel Kit.
Scale bar represents 10μm.
22RV1 stained with the 0913-LB ARv7 CTC Panel Kit.
Scale bar represents 10μm.

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