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RarePlex CTC Panel Kits for enumeration

CTC Panel Kits enable immunofluorescent detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for enumeration and are designed for the RareCyte blood-to-result CTC analysis platform. Enumeration Panel Kits identify epithelial CTCs, contain a nuclear dye and a panel of antibodies and reagents for detection of CD45 (to exclude WBC), Cytokeratin, and EpCAM in a 3-channel format.

All RarePlex CTC Panel Kits are extensively validated and held to high standards for sensitivity, specificity, and precision. Kits are available for Leica BOND RX or Ventana DISCOVERY ULTRA automated staining systems. Panel Kits are ideal for use in large, multi-center CTC enumeration trials.

RareCyte’s deployable platform for CTC analysis:

  • A clinical research laboratory can perform the entire process in their own lab
  • Platform produces accurate and highly reproducible results
  • Convenient pause points in workflow enable shipping between sites
  • Flexibility in sample processing – A site can process AccuCyte slides and/or perform staining and analysis
  • Leverage worldwide network of CROs

With a 3-channel Panel Kit for enumeration, you have the flexibility to create custom assays by adding up to two biomarkers with Developer Kits.

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Breast cancer patient sample stained with 0900-VB CTC Panel Kit.
Scale bar represents 10μm.

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