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Advanced Single Cell Analysis technology expands the power and value of liquid biopsy

The RareCyte suite of innovative new technologies

  1. Collection of rare cell populations
  2. Phenotypic analysis of individual cells in up to six channels
  3. Retrieval of individual cells for downstream analysis

In concert, the technologies of the RareCyte platform enable the routine use of liquid biopsy for extremely rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells.

The RareCyte platform integrates three essential technologies.

  1. AccuCyte: Comprehensive and highly reliable CTC collection. With the AccuCyte, cell collection is based only on density, which is similar for all nucleated cells. The technology does not rely on cell surface markers, cell lysis, or cell size. These factors can change over time, often eliminating a portion of the CTC population from analysis.
  2. CyteFinder: Six-channel fluorescence detection.  CTCs can be thoroughly characterized in six fluorescent channels with the companion CyteFinder. Fluorescence analysis is completely independent of cell collection.  This unique design allows the development of highly customized tracking and enumeration schemes tailored to the specific needs of the research.
  3. CytePicker: Individual CTC isolation. The integrated CytePicker feature facilitates quick and accurate retrieval of individual CTCs of interest. These cells can be prepped for NGS or other.

A Powerful Single Cell Analysis Platform

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