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Advanced Single Cell Analysis technology expands the power and value of liquid biopsy

The RareCyte suite of innovative new technologies

  1. Collection of rare cell populations
  2. Phenotypic analysis of individual cells in up to six channels
  3. Retrieval of individual cells for downstream analysis

In concert, the technologies of the RareCyte platform enable the routine use of liquid biopsy for extremely rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells.

Powerful and Reliable Single Cell Analysis

If you would like to learn more about RareCyte technology and how it can benefit your research program, please contact us using the form below. Thank you for your interest.

Cell isolation with the RareCyte platform is an efficient, 3-step process

  1. AccuCyte:  Collect nucleated cells and prepare the slide
    The first step uses the AccuCyte Blood Fractionation system to separate nucleated cells (buffy coat) from red blood cells and plasma. This is accomplished with a quick centrifugation using the AccuCyte Kit.  Slide preparation and staining are done according to conventional laboratory workflows.
  2. CyteFinder:  Locate and analyze cells of interest.
    Target cells can be thoroughly characterized in six fluorescent channels with the CyteFinder instrument.  The CyteFinder also automatically ranks candidate cells for their fit to your selection criteria.  You can be fully confident you are counting, phenotyping or retrieving just the cells that are most relevant to your research.
  3. CytePicker:  Retrieve a single cell.
    The integrated CytePicker module facilitates quick and accurate retrieval of individual cells of interest with little or no contaminating cellular background.  Exceptionally precise recovery reduces the chance of ambiguities in your downstream analysis of genomics, RNA expression or protein expression.

Download the RareCyte Brochure | PDF