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The videos in this collection examine the use of single cell analysis in a wide variety of applications. New videos are added regularly.

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Delivering on the promise of liquid biopsy

Eric Kaldjian, MD
Chief Medical Officer, RareCyte

The ‘promise of liquid biopsy’ is for a non-invasive and still highly informative means of collecting important clinical samples to support diagnosis and treatment.  Fulfilling this promise is particularly difficult when the target cells are extremely rare.  In this video, Dr. Kaldjian presents data showing that the RareCyte platform for collection, identification and retrieval of extremely rare cells has all but solved this problem.

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Look for these upcoming additions to the RareCyte Video Library

  • Full six-color analysis of CTCs from liquid biopsy samples
  • Evidence for feasibility of fetal trophoblastic cell-based noninvasive prenatal testing
  • Applying a single cell approach to analysis of tumor mutations in tissue samples

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Video Library

Comparison of whole genome amplification methods on single and pooled cells using comparative genomic hybridization array analysis

Jackie Stilwell, PhD
Principal Scientist and Research Manager, RareCyte

In this video, Dr. Stilwell examines three alternate methods of whole genome amplification in order to determine the optimal method for use with single cells. The results reported in the video include a discussion of genome coverage, input DNA requirements and polymerase fidelity.

Analysis of CTCs in Mouse PDX Models

Arturo Ramirez, PhD
Senior Scientist, RareCyte

This video post reports on the analysis of cancer driver mutations in tumors and CTCs of mouse patient derived xenograft models. The data presents multiple levels of phenotypic and genomic analysis. The project was done as a collaboration between RareCyte and the Baylor College of Medicine.

Clinical Performance of the AccuCyte – CyteFinder System

Jackie Stilwell, PhD
Principal Scientist and Research Manager, RareCyte

For years, the CellSearch platform has been the standard technology for Circulating Tumor Cell isolation.  The comparative data presented in this video by Dr. Stilwell show clearly that the RareCyte platform now provides a more robust, flexible and reliable alternative.

Identification, Phenotyping and Genomic of Individual Circulating Tumor Cells

Eric Kaldjian, MD
Chief Medical Officer, RareCyte 

This video discusses how the RareCyte platform can be applied to the analysis and retrieval of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) using liquid biopsy protocols.  specimens.   The presentation emphasizes technical advances that now enable the  application of extremely rare single cell analysis to translational medicine