AACR 2020

RareCyte provides Precision Biology solutions focused on multiplexed analysis of cells and tissue with applications in both research and clinical diagnostics

CTC Analysis

RareCyte enables practical deployment of circulating tumor cell-based liquid biopsy with instrumentation and consumables that provide an exquisitely sensitive, accurate, reproducible, and transparent workflow from blood collection to single-cell isolation.

• Breast
• Prostate
• Lung / checkpoint
• Custom assay

Multiplex Tissue Analysis

Our CyteFinder II Instrument uniquely combines high resolution, whole slide imaging with tissue micro-region retrieval for image-guided transcriptomics. One instrument enables you to investigate tissue architecture, cellular morphology, phenotype, and provides you biological material in a PCR tube ready for your molecular analyses.

• Multiparameter tissue analysis
• Tissue transcriptomics

Pharma Programs

RareCyte provides personalized and expert services for CTC and multiplex tissue analysis, including custom CTC assay development, patient sample processing for long-term CTC, and plasma banking and single cell retrieval for molecular analysis. We provide pilot assays for new biomarkers, RUO assay development and exploratory clinical trials to support your translational programs.

• Biobanking
• CTC assay development
• Custom biomarker analysis
• Single cell retrieval

RareCyte posters at AACR


A multiparameter assay for HER2 protein detection on circulating tumor cells in non-small cell lung cancer
Poster 5368

A direct amplicon-based targeted sequencing assay for mutation analysis of single circulating tumor cells and correlation with circulating tumor DNA
Poster 5363

Investigation of custom biomarkers on circulating tumor cells from clinical samples using RarePlex Developer Kits
Poster 6442

Analytic validation of an assay to detect androgen receptor splice variant ARv7 protein expression on circulating tumor cells from prostate cancer patients
Poster 5384


Sequential same slide multiplex immunofluorescence and H&E staining for combined phenotypic and morphologic characterization of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections
Poster 2677

Introduction of a robust workflow for the whole-side acquisition and co-registration of multiplex immunofluorescence tissue images for analysis of a 9-color, 8-marker immunophenotyping assay
Poster 4989

Customer posters at AACR

Non-invasive profiling of advanced prostate cancer via multi-parametric liquid biopsy and radiomics
Poster 5379

Comparison of circulating tumor cell (CTC) derived DNA and circulating cell-free DNA and circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from simultaneous blood sampling of patients with metastatic breast cancer (MBC)
Poster 3119

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