Multiparameter Imaging and Analysis

Maximize sample information with automated multiparameter fluorescence imaging.

  • Six channels and a range of imaging objectives for deep phenotyping, morphology, and tissue architecture analysis
  • High-speed scanning for rare cell and whole tissue applications
  • Analyze multiple sample types on slides including cellular, tissue, and fine needle aspirates
  • Machine-learning algorithms are critical for biomarker analysis and reviewer concordance
  • Compatible with custom analysis workflows
Tonsil section imaged at low magnification.
Tonsil section imaged at high magnification. CK (magenta) / CD3 (green) / CD20 (blue).
Custom biomarkers can be designed into open channels for assessment on CTCs.
White boxes indicate regions on the AccuCyte® slide that contain CTC candidates (left). Representative CTC candidates with corresponding machine-learning-derived CTC score (right). Nuclei (magenta) / CK/EpCAM (green)

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