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New RarePlex® Developer Kits for CTC characterization provide researchers flexibility in independent CTC assay development

SEATTLE, Oct. 29, 2019 – RareCyte® announces the launch of the of RarePlex® Developer Kits that uniquely enable customers to add their own biomarkers to RareCyte circulating tumor cell (CTC) assays in their own lab. Kyla Teplitz, Sr. Product Manager said, “The understanding of cancer heterogeneity and evolution is a rapidly evolving field, and it is important that our customers have the tools that allow them to keep pace. We are excited to launch our Developer platform to enable our customers to create their own CTC assays while leveraging RareCyte’s robust liquid biopsy platform.”

The RarePlex Staining Kit family includes Panel Kits and Developer Kits which may be used in combination to create custom assays. RarePlex Panel Kits are highly validated to provide exquisite sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and repeatability for CTC detection. RarePlex Developer Kits work with customer-supplied mouse or rabbit antibodies and are deployed on leading automated slide staining platforms.

The RarePlex Developer platform is the only commercially available technology that enables customers to fluorescently stain up to two customer-defined CTC biomarkers of choice. For example, with an enumeration CTC Panel Kit, a customer can add the HER2 and PR biomarkers to create a custom breast cancer assay, or Vimentin and Ki67 to investigate EMT and proliferation. The Developer platform can be used with any RareCyte Panel Kit with an open channel. This includes the RarePlex ARv7 Panel Kit which has a single open channel available for customers to add additional prostate cancer biomarkers.

RarePlex Developer Kits are now available for purchase and more information on Developer Kits and the RareCyte platform is available at

RareCyte products are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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