StrataPlex Reagents

Utilize StrataPlex Reagents for maximizing flexibility in your panel design

StrataPlex Reagents are designed for maximum flexibility in developing highly multiplexed tissue panels within the Orion Platform workflow. The offering allows you to use your own antibodies, select from our list of validated antibodies, or use our pre-defined antibody panels. All fluorophores are strategically selected for use with the Orion platform.

StrataPlex Panels
RareCyte-designed disease and application-specific panels 

StrataPlex Conjugated Antibodies
Build your own panel or supplement an existing panel using our list of conjugated antibodies

Developer Technology
Build panels with your own biomarkers by conjugating to Orion fluorophores or using Orion Developer secondaries 

Conjugation Services
Utilize RareCyte’s services and expertise to conjugate your antibodies and optimize staining and scanning parameters

Lung tissue

CD68 (blue), CD163 (yellow), CD31 (red), ECad (magenta), CK (white). scale bar = 100 μm

Melanoma tissue

SYTOX (blue), S100 (yellow), Ki67 (red), TIGIT (green). scale bar = 20 μm

Thymus tissue

Vimentin (blue), ECad (magenta), PanCK (green), CAM5.2 (red). scale bar = 200 μm

Tonsil tissue

CD20 (blue), CD4 (white), Ki67 (red), PanCK (yellow). scale bar = 1000 μm

Customize the Orion Platform for your lab.