Multiparameter Tissue Analysis and Micro-Region Retrieval

Tissue contains a wealth of information that demands multiparametric imaging tools that reveal cellular phenotype and function in the context of different micro-environments.

Uniquely RareCyte

RareCyte® technology advances high-dimensional tissue analysis with:

  • Multiparametric imaging: Rapid six-channel whole-slide fluorescence imaging with up to 40x magnification for phenotypic, architectural, and morphologic detail
  • Retrieval: Micro-region retrieval that preserves sample integrity for DNA and RNA analysis
Tonsil section imaged at low magnification.
Tonsil section imaged at high magnification. CK (magenta) / CD3 (green) / CD20 (blue).

Pancreatic cancer tissue micro-region retrieved with CytePicker® Retrieval Module. CK (green) / Nuclei (blue)

Differential RNA expression analysis on tonsil tissue micro-regions retrieved from the follicular zone and T-cell zone.

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