TissuePlex Reagents

TissuePlex Reagents are designed for maximum flexibility in developing highly multiplexed tissue panels. The offering allows you to use your own antibodies, select from our list of validated antibodies, or use our pre-defined antibody panels. All fluorophores are strategically selected for use with the Orion platform.

TissuePlex Panels
RareCyte-designed disease and application-specific panels 

TissuePlex Conjugated Antibodies
Build your own panel or supplement an existing panel using our list of conjugated antibodies.

Developer technology

Build panels with your own biomarkers by conjugating to Orion fluorophores or using Orion Developer secondaries. 

Conjugation Services
Utilize RareCyte’s services and expertise to conjugate your antibodies and optimize staining and scanning parameters.


TissuePlex I/O Panel

Visualize micro-anatomy

B-cell follicles with germinal centers and interfollicular T-cell zones define the lymphoid micro-anatomy of the tonsil where immune response is generated to upper respiratory tract antigens. Displayed markers: SYTOX blue (nucleus, gray); CD45 (leukocytes, blue); CD3e (T cells, green); CD20 (B cells, red).

Investigate T-cell subsets

Helper, cytotoxic, memory, regulatory and activated/exhausted T cells are simultaneously revealed. Displayed markers: SYTOX blue (nucleus, gray); CD4 (helper T cells, green); CD8a (cytotoxic T cells, red); CD45RO (memory T cells, blue); LAG-3 (activated/exhausted T cells, pink); FoxP3 (T-reg cells, magenta).

Characterize tissue architecture

Cancer tissue micro-environments contain numerous cell types, including epithelial, immune, vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells in a spatial context for immune response. Displayed markers: SYTOX blue (nucleus, gray); E-cadherin (mucosal and crypt epithelium, magenta); pan-cytokeratin (mucosal and crypt epithelium, cyan) smooth muscle actin (arterioles, red); CD31 (vascular endothelium and crypt sub-mucosa, green); and CD20 (B cells, orange); CD3e (T cells, blue).

Examine checkpoint biomarkers

PD-1/PD-L1 expression in tumor cells and the tumor micro-environment impacts response to checkpoint inhibitor therapy. Displayed markers: SYTOX blue (nucleus, gray); PD-1 (germinal centers, yellow); PD-L1 (crypt sub-mucosa, green); CD20 (B cells, blue); CD3e (T cells, magenta).