CyteFinder® Instruments

CyteFinder Instruments

Automated six channel fluorescence microscopes that rapidly image slides and employ machine learning to identify rare cells.

  • High speed, multi-channel imaging systems optimized for rare-cell detection and analysis
  • Whole slide imaging of blood cells, tissue sections, and cytology preparations such as fine needle aspirates
  • Supports both fixed and live samples
  • Automated rare-cell detection with integrated machine learning facilitates reviewer concordance
  • Compatible with custom analysis workflows


Representative CTC imaged using a CyteFinder Instrument. EpCAM (red) / PDL1 (green) / Nuclei (orange) / CD45 (blue)


CyteFinder HT System

Scan up to 80 slides unattended


CyteFinder System with CytePicker

Retrieve single cells or tissue micro-regions