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Leaders across Research, Translational Medicine and the Clinic rely on RareCyte as a one-stop resource for Spatial Biology and Liquid Biopsy solutions.

Our highly multiplexed fluorescent imaging systems, reagents and contract services empower investigators to unlock spatial context for key biomarkers and develop therapeutics and companion diagnostics though rare cell analysis.

Dr Pashtoon Kasi

Nature Oncogene publication: Neoadjuvant botensilimab plus balstilimab response pattern investigated
Dr. Pashtoon Kasi, Weill Cornell Medicine
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Dr Zbigniew Mikuluski

Editorial article: Quantitative microscopy for precision spatial biology: “From samples to knowledge”
SelectScience with Dr. Zbigniew Mikulski
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Webinar: Multimodal tissue imaging and machine learning to advance precision medicine
Presented by Dr. Peter K Sorger, Harvard Medical School
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Precision Spatial Biology
Powered by Orion

Break barriers with the fastest path to whole-slide, highly multiplexed biomarker imaging data. Orion brings biomarker depth and flexibility with the convenience of a single-step stain and image process.

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Orion Imaging System

Liquid Biopsy Solutions

Investigate circulating tumor cell (CTC) biomarker expression and mutational status using a non-invasive liquid biopsy. Obtain sensitive, accurate, and reproducible results utilizing a complete end-to-end workflow, from blood collection to single-cell isolation.

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HER2/ER image panel

Dedicated Lab Services

RareCyte enables class-leading performance in CTC applications and Spatial Biology solutions supporting therapy selection, disease-monitoring, and global research and clinical trials.

"Using their liquid biopsy imaging technology, RareCyte was able to develop a custom assay. Throughout the process, the RareCyte team was collaborative and insightful, showing true dedication to the project, resulting in the development of a fully validated assay."

Erica Tobin
Associate Director, Oncology
KSQ Therapeutics, Inc.

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CyteFinder® Imaging

Enable rapid, high-throughput fluorescence imaging with CyteFinder II HT, and rare cell identification with single-cell retrieval with the CyteFinder II.

CyteFinder II Imaging System

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University of Washington CLIA pan-cancer blood test measures risk for metastasis
University of Washington newsroom with Dr. Daniel Sabath
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Measuring versus reading - Yale CLIA test transforming the field of quantitative pathology
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Webinar: Spatial analysis and high-plex immuno- fluorescence to study human pancreata in type 1 diabetes
Presented by Dr. Quesada-Masachs, La Jolla Institute for Immunology
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