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Accurate Spike-in of Circulating Tumor Cells into Blood Samples is Essential for Reliable Analysis in Oncology Applications
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CHI Webinar with speakers Jeff Fill, Eli Lilly, and Arturo Ramirez, RareCyte
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RareCyte announces the first blood-to-result PD-L1 Circulating Tumor Cell Assay
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RareCyte expands its world-class liquid biopsy imaging and retrieval platform to support tissue workflows with the new CyteFinder II Instruments.

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RarePlex CTC Developer Staining Kit enables custom CTC assay development by providing the ability to add up to two biomarkers-of-interest to the CTC base detection assay.

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Pharma Programs

“The RareCyte CTC system has been analytically validated in our CAP/CLIA Laboratory and the validation and acceptance criteria met the needs of the clinical drug study team. In partnership with a global CRO, the CTC workflow is being successfully implemented.”

   – Jeff Fill, Senior Director, Diagnostic and Experimental Pathology, Eli Lilly and Company

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