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Measuring versus reading – transforming the field of quantitative pathology
SelectScience interview with Dr. David Rimm, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology at Yale University School of Medicine

Dr. David Rimm reveals how multiplex imaging can enhance the precision of breast cancer diagnostics and improve treatment outcomes for patients.
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The Platform & Service Model: Orion Spatial Biology and Circulating-Tumor Cell Liquid Biopsy
DeciBio Q&A with Selena Larkin, CCO of RareCyte

Selena Larkin, CCO of RareCyte, Inc. sat down with Alex Amram to discuss Rarecyte’s product roadmap and notable R&D developments in two major precision medicine industries: Spatial Biology with their Orion platform as the latest entrant and Liquid Biopsy with CyteFinder II circulating-tumor cell (CTC)-based analysis.
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Bringing spatial biology to the clinic: “A new lens on cancer biology”
In partnership with Dr. Arutha Kulasinghe, University of Queensland, Australia, and SelectScience

Spatial transcriptomics pioneer, Dr. Arutha Kulasinghe, shares his latest work in understanding the underlying tumor biology using an integrative multi-omics approach, and how it could inform therapy decisions.
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Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the tissue micro-environment by high-resolution 17-plex immunofluorescence reveals distinct cell populations
Presented at SITC 2021
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RareCyte: Your end-to-end solution for Spatial Biology and Liquid Biopsy Imaging and Analysis

RareCyte is a full-service provider of Precision Biology products and services utilizing best in class platforms for both spatial biology and liquid biopsy. We deliver quality-focused, end-to-end solutions from custom assay development to clinical trial testing for researchers, translational scientists, and drug development and diagnostics organizations.

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