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The RarePlex Panel Kit product line includes immunofluorescence Panel Kits and Developer Kits for circulating tumor cell characterization. All RarePlex Panel Kits enable circulating tumor cell enumeration, and some include additional biomarkers for in-depth phenotypic characterization. RarePlex Panel Kits are highly validated circulating tumor cell assays designed to work with the AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System, automated slide staining systems, and CyteFinder® Instruments. In order to provide you with assay flexibility, we designed Developer Kits that allow you to add 1-2 biomarkers of your choice to a Panel Kit. Developer Kits are single channel kits and enable you to keep up with the pace of discovery.

Breast cancer patient sample stained with the 0900-LB CTC Panel Kit

RarePlex Panel Kits

RarePlex Panel Kits are designed to work the RareCyte platform for circulating tumor cell analysis and are rigorously validated for sensitivity, specificity, and precision.

Enumeration Panel Kits include markers for circulating tumor cell identification and are performed on a Ventana or Leica automated slide staining system. With a 3-channel Panel Kit, you have the flexibility to create custom assays by adding up to two biomarkers with Developer Kits.

For in-depth phenotypic characterization, RareCyte offers Panel Kits with additional biomarkers such as HER2/ER and ARv7. With the ARv7 Panel Kit, you can choose to add an additional biomarker of your choice with a Developer Kit.

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Clinical breast cancer samples stained with the HER2/ER CTC Panel Kit. Scale bar represents 10μm
  405 488 555 647 800
Panel Kit
  Nuclei CK/EpCAM CD45 CK/EpCAM, CD45, Nuclei
Panel Kit
  ARv7 Nuclei CK/EpCAM CD45 CK/EpCAM, CD45, Nuclei
Panel Kit
  PD-L1 Nuclei CK/EpCAM CD45 CK/EpCAM, CD45, Nuclei
Panel Kit
  HER2 ER Nuclei CK/EpCAM CD45 CK/EpCAM, CD45, Nuclei
*Open indicates channel may be used with a Developer Kit
Scale bar represents 10μm.

RarePlex Developer Kits

RarePlex Developer Kits are designed to address cancer heterogeneity by enabling custom circulating tumor cell assay development for disease or assay-specific biomarker expression by circulating tumor cells. Developer Kits enable the addition of up to two biomarkers-of-interest to Panel Kits.

Keep your research current with the flexibility afforded by Developer technology.

AR and ARv7 CTC assay built with the ARv7 Panel Kit and a Developer Kit

RarePlex Cell Discovery Kit

The Cell Discovery Kit allows custom panel development in your lab  for the detection of circulating tumor cells that do not express epithelial markers, such as sarcomas and melanoma, as well as other non-tumor rare cell populations.

Discover new rare-cell detection strategies with the Cell Discovery Kit.

Spiked in a melanoma cell line and detected with a representative melanoma marker, S100, instead of CK/EpCAM