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RarePlex CTC Panel Kits for enumeration

CTC Panel Kits enable immunofluorescent detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for enumeration and are designed for the RareCyte blood-to-result circulating tumor cell analysis platform. Enumeration Panel Kits identify EpCAM positive or negative epithelial circulating tumor cells, contain a nuclear dye and a panel of antibodies and reagents for detection of CD45 (to exclude WBC), Cytokeratin, and EpCAM in a 3-channel format.

All RarePlex CTC Panel Kits are extensively validated and held to high standards for sensitivity, specificity, and precision. Kits are available for Leica® BOND RX or Ventana® DISCOVERY® ULTRA automated staining systems. Panel Kits are ideal for use in large, multi-center circulating tumor cell enumeration trials.


RareCyte’s deployable platform for circulating tumor cell analysis:

  • A clinical research laboratory can perform the entire process in their own lab
  • Platform produces accurate and highly reproducible results
  • Convenient pause points in workflow enable shipping between sites
  • Flexibility in sample processing – A site can process AccuCyte slides and/or perform staining and analysis
  • Leverage worldwide network of contract research organizations

With a 3-channel Panel Kit for enumeration, you have the flexibility to create custom assays by adding up to two biomarkers with Developer Kits.

Breast cancer patient sample stained with 0900-VB CTC Panel Kit.
Scale bar represents 10μm.
RarePlex CTC Panel Kit for Leica


RarePlex CTC Panel Kit for Ventana