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RarePlex Developer Kits

Tackle cancer heterogeneity head-on with the assay creation flexibility provided by RarePlex Developer Kits. Developer Kits are single channel kits that you use with a CTC Panel Kit and your mouse or rabbit antibodies to create a custom circulating tumor cell assay. Kits are available for both Leica and Ventana automated staining platforms in the 405 and 488 channels.



Put the power of assay design in your hands

  • Leverage validated circulating tumor cell detection assays to explore custom biomarkers
  • Only platform where you can add multiple biomarkers to a circulating tumor cell assay
  • Flexible platform enables biomarker combinations of your choice
  • Kit chemistry enables using two mouse or rabbit antibodies when adding two biomarkers

Custom biomarkers can be designed into open channels for assessment on circulating tumor cells using the CTC Developer Kit


Custom CTC + EGFR + Ki67 Assay created with the CTC Developer Kit