Orion Instrument

Experience Spatial Biology with Orion Multiplex Imaging

Orion is a benchtop, high resolution whole-slide fluorescence imaging system that enables rapid spatial insights.

Read this article to learn how Orion can be used for research and clinical applications.

Unlock Spatial Biology with Orion Technology

  • Delivers for cell classification studies, analysis of protein expression, spatial analysis, and subcellular location
  • Enables rapid highly multiplexed tissue analysis
  • Accelerates comprehensive phenotypic profiling studies and spatial analysis of tissue microenvironment
  • Fits in standard pathology workflows

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Orion Instrument Specifications

  • Single scan in 75 minutes for 1 cm2 at 20x
  • High resolution imaging
  • Brightfield imaging capability
  • Suitable for clinical laboratories
  • Uses standard pathology slides and is compatible with standard FFPE and fresh frozen tissue sample preparation
  • Easily fits on a standard laboratory benchtop
  • Data output is an OME-TIFF file format for compatibility with third party image analysis software

For comprehensive specifications, download the Orion specification sheet.

Download the Orion Specification Sheet

Product photo of the Orion from RareCyte

Artemis Software facilitates user interaction with Orion

Artemis Software is included with the Orion Instrument and enables users to acquire, manage, and visualize data.

  • Enables powerful image visualization, annotation, and sharing to facilitate collaboration for highly multiplexed datasets
  • Provides database functionality for easy file management
  • Manages assays, workflows, and user permissions
Orion image slide visualized in Artemis Software
Orion dataset visualized with Artemis Software

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