Orion Instrument

Orion is a benchtop, high resolution whole-slide fluorescence imaging system that images 21 channels in a single scan within 3 hours and enables rapid spatial insights.

The Orion Instrument for spatial biology:

  • Delivers 21-channel datasets for cell classification studies, analysis of protein expression, spatial analysis, and subcellular location
  • Enables rapid highly multiplexed tissue analysis
  • Accelerates comprehensive phenotypic profiling studies and spatial analysis of tissue microenvironment
  • Fits in standard pathology workflows


Orion specifications and capabilities

  • Single scan of 21 fluorescence channels in 3 hours for 1 cm2 at 20x
  • High resolution imaging
  • Brightfield imaging capability
  • Suitable for clinical laboratories
  • Uses standard pathology slides and is compatible with standard FFPE tissue sample preparation
  • Easily fits on a standard laboratory benchtop
  • Data output is an open *.ome tiff file format for compatibility with third party image analysis software

For comprehensive specifications, download the Orion datafile.


CyteHub® Software facilitates user interaction with Orion

CyteHub Software is included with the Orion Instrument and enables users to acquire, manage, and visualize data.

  • Enables powerful image visualization, annotation, and sharing to facilitate collaboration for highly multiplexed datasets
  • Provides database functionality for easy file management
  • Manages assays, workflows, and user permissions
21-channel Orion dataset visualized with CyteHub software