Cell-Based Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

Non-invasive prenatal testing with gentle single cell isolation

Analyze rare CFCs from blood for non-invasive prenatal testing

Circulating fetal cells (CFCs) can be isolated from maternal blood, and fetal aneuploidies and copy number variants can be evaluated by genetic analysis for research purposes.

The RareCyte® platform enables CFC analysis, including:

  • Enumeration of CFCs in maternal blood
  • Retrieval of individual CFCs for molecular analysis by comparative genomic hybridization and next generation sequencing

Uniquely RareCyte

Analysis of extremely rare CFCs from blood requires a method that is sensitive, specific, and reproducible, and provides the depth of information you need.

The RareCyte platform provides:

  • Sensitivity: Unbiased and highly sensitive target-cell recovery with the AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System
  • Specificity: Capture and staining antibodies for isolation and detection of fetal cells, and visual confirmation protects against false positives
  • Retrieval: Gentle, single cell isolation for detection of sub-chromosomal duplications and deletions


40x CFC images with CFC-specific biomarkers shown in green and red
Representative 40x CFC images with CFC-specific biomarkers shown in green and red.