Single-Cell Retrieval and Molecular Analysis

Single-Cell Analysis and Cell Retrieval 

Single-cell analysis allows exploration of cell types and states present in health and disease. Analysis of rare, single cells demands accurate image-based identification of cell type, reliable single-cell isolation, preservation of nucleic acid integrity, and workflows compatible with RNA and DNA analysis.

RareCyte technology enables molecular analysis of rare, single cells

  • Mutational analysis and detection of sub-chromosomal duplications and deletions
  • T-cell antigen receptor discovery
  • High sensitivity and specificity enable applications where cells are difficult to find
  • Works with any specimen on slides including blood smears, tissue, and fine needle aspirates
  • Enables deep phenotyping and flexible biomarker analysis
  • Integrated platform from sample collection and rare-cell identification to single-cell or tissue micro-region retrieval
  • Accommodates fixed or live cell samples

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Multiple myeloma cells from liquid biopsy sample
Multiple myeloma cells from liquid biopsy sample on an AccuCyte slide. CD45 (red) / CD138 (green) / nuclei (blue)

High Sensitivity for Precise Single-Cell Analysis and Retrieval

  • Sensitivity: Platform tailored for ultra-rare cell collection, identification, and isolation
  • Specificity: Protein expression heterogeneity among rare target cells revealed with up to six channels, and image-based cell identification and selection ensures integrity of single cell data
  • Retrieval: Gentle single cell isolation from multiple sample preparation types that enable both DNA and RNA analysis
CTC surrounded by white blood cell
SK-BR-3 model CTC surrounded by white blood cells on AccuCyte® slide. CK / EpCAM (magenta) / nuclei (blue).
Monitoingr changes in CTC count over time
Monitor changes in CTC count (top) and mutational burden (bottom) over time in triple-negative breast cancer patients. ITOMIC-001 study data courtesy of Tony Blau, University of Washington, Anup Madan and Kellie Howard, Covance Genomics

Single Cell Retrieval

Integrated single cell retrieval is facilitated using the CytePicker retrieval module and is compatible with whole genome amplification for genome wide sequencing. Read more about RareCyte CTC isolation and retrieval in this NSCLC publication →

CytePicker picking a single cell on slide
CytePicker® Module picks a single cell from AccuCyte® slide
Scientific viewing instrument displaying image of a cell
Single cell is deposited into PCR imaging tube
CyteFinder image  of a cell
Deposition is visually confirmed by imaging on CyteFinder® Instrument

RareCyte Technology for Single Cell Diagnostics and Analysis

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, RareCyte is an innovative precision biology company that has developed technologies and end-to-end integrated platforms enabling advances in oncology, immuno-oncology, maternal-fetal health, and cell and gene therapy. 

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers are continuously dedicated to designing products and provide services which advance biomedical research and contribute to companion diagnostic development.

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