AccuCyte Sample Preparation System

Enhance Your Cell Prep with the AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System

A simple and reproducible sample preparation system that transfers nucleated cells from whole blood to slides with minimal target-cell loss

  • Maximum sensitivity achieved via density-based, no-wash, no-lysis collection and transfer of nucleated cells to slides
  • Engineered for reproducible target cell collection by any user 
  • Efficient workflow for single or multi-site execution includes five-day blood sample stability and optional slide banking prior to staining
  • AccuCyte-prepared slides can be stored at -20°C for up to 3 years without significant effect on most biomarkers tested

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AccuCyte Separation Tube with AccuCyte Collector and CyteSealer® Device

Discover the Efficient AccuCyte Sample Preparation System

Banking slides
Bank AccuCyte slides in freezer prior to staining.

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RareCyte is a full-service provider of Precision Biology™ services utilizing best in class platforms for both spatial biology and liquid biopsy. We deliver quality-focused, end-to-end services from custom assay development to clinical trial testing for researchers, translational scientists, and drug development and diagnostics organizations.

Full-service Liquid Biopsy programs support all aspects of rare cell analysis from the development of protein based custom multi-biomarker assays to single cell molecular analysis, including drug targets and pharmacodynamic markers and sample testing for clinical studies in our CLIA-certified laboratory. Our end-to-end platform from blood collection to result delivers exquisitely sensitive, specific, accurate, and reproducible data.

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