AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System

Enhance Your Cell Prep with the AccuCyte Sample Preparation System

Discover the efficient AccuCyte Sample Preparation System Workflow

Simple and reproducible system that transfers nucleated cells from whole blood to slides with minimal target-cell loss.

  • Maximum sensitivity achieved via density-based, no-wash, no-lysis collection and transfer of nucleated cells to slides
  • Engineered for reproducible target cell collection by any user 
  • Efficient workflow for single or multi-site execution includes five-day blood sample stability and optional slide banking prior to staining
  • AccuCyte-prepared slides can be stored at -20°C for at least 4 years without significant effect on most biomarkers tested


Banking slides
Bank AccuCyte slides in freezer prior to staining.

AccuCyte Separation Tube with AccuCyte Collector and CyteSealer® Device