CyteFinder® II Instruments

CyteFinder II Instruments

CyteFinder II Instruments are high speed, whole slide imaging systems with options for liquid biopsy analysis and multiplexed tissue imaging.

  • High speed, 7-channel fluorescence, and brightfield imaging
  • Automated rare cell liquid biopsy option with integrated machine learning for world class circulating tumor cell detection and characterization
  • IF, H&E, and IHC slide support for imaging blood smears, tissue sections, and cytology preparation including fine needle aspirates
  • Tissue option for digital pathology includes high resolution tissue scanning workflow, review, annotation, and data sharing
  • CytePicker® Retrieval Module enables Pick-Seq® workflow for DNA and RNA-based discovery
  • Compatible with custom analysis workflows
  • Designed for placement in clinical laboratories

Intestine tissue image viewed in RareCyte software
Representative circulating tumor cell imaged using a CyteFinder Instrument. EpCAM (red) / PD-L1 (green) / Nuclei (orange) / CD45 (blue)

Applications include:



CyteFinder II HT Instrument

Scan up to 80 slides unattended


CyteFinder II Instrument

Retrieve single cells or tissue micro-regions with Pick-Seq®

H&E stained mouse heart tissue
Caption = T cell (green) and B cell follicles (magenta) identified for downstream differential analysis with CytePicker Retrieval Module
7 channel tissue image
Breast cancer circulating tumor cell cluster