CyteFinder® II Imaging Instruments

Immunofluorescence Imaging for Rare Cell Detection

CyteFinder II Instruments are high speed, whole slide imaging systems with options for liquid biopsy analysis and multiplexed tissue imaging.

  • High speed, multi-channel systems optimized for rare-cell detection and analysis
  • Integrated machine learning algorithm detects and rank orders candidate cells for user review
  • IF, H&E, and IHC slide support for imaging blood smears, tissue sections, and cytology preparation including fine needle aspirates
  • Tissue option for digital pathology on the CyteFinder II Instrument
  • CytePicker® Retrieval Module enables single cell or tissue micro-region retrieval from any location on the slide (CyteFinder II Instrument only)
  • Compatible with custom analysis workflows
  • Designed for placement in clinical laboratories

CTC imaged on a CyteFinder
Representative circulating tumor cell imaged using a CyteFinder Instrument. EpCAM (red) / PD-L1 (green) / Nuclei (orange) / CD45 (blue)

Intesting tissue imaging
Intestine tissue image viewed in RareCyte software

Applications include:

RareCyte Tools for Automation and Retrieval


CyteFinder II HT Instrument

Scan up to 80 slides unattended

CyteFinder II HT wth slide cassette


CyteFinder II Instrument

Retrieve single cells or tissue micro-regions with Pick-Seq

CyteFinder II Instrument

H&E stained mouse heart tissue
H&E stained mouse heart tissue
T cell and B cell follicles
T cell (green) and B cell follicles (magenta) identified for downstream differential analysis with CytePicker Retrieval Module
Tisue imaging
Multi-channel tissue imaging
Breast cancer CTC cluster
Breast cancer circulating tumor cell cluster

RareCyte: Your end-to-end solution for Liquid Biopsy and Immunofluorescence Imaging and Analysis

RareCyte is a full-service provider of Precision Biology™ services utilizing best in class platforms for both spatial biology and liquid biopsy. We deliver quality-focused, end-to-end services from custom assay development to clinical trial testing for researchers, translational scientists, and drug development and diagnostics organizations.

Full-service Liquid Biopsy programs support all aspects of rare cell analysis from the development of protein based custom multi-biomarker assays to single cell molecular analysis, including drug targets and pharmacodynamic markers and sample testing for clinical studies in our CLIA-certified laboratory. Our end-to-end platform from blood collection to result delivers exquisitely sensitive, specific, accurate, and reproducible data.

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