Orion – Spatial Biology Realized

The Rapid, High Resolution, Whole Slide Spatial Biology Solution

Orion unlocks highly multiplexed spatial biology by providing biomarker depth and flexibility with the convenience of a rapid, single cycle process.

Tissue consists of heterogenous cell types, each with diverse functions and functional states, where spatial organization can impact patient health status. Resolving this complexity at the subcellular level has historically been challenged by the limited number of targets that can be assessed in a single sample, low throughput, and resource intensive approaches.

Orion technology breaks these barriers, providing the fastest path to whole slide highly multiplex biomarker imaging data. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Obtain rapid, high resolution, whole slide spatial biology results via a practical, single cycle workflow for up to 21 channels.

The Orion Platform utilizes patented integrated hardware, software, and reagents to deliver the high performance, resolution and flexibility required for research and clinical assays.

Orion enables single round immunofluorescence staining and imaging of standard FFPE or fresh frozen tissue with the additional benefits of industry standard H&E and IHC modes. Run panels from an extensive biomarker list, add in custom biomarkers, or engage our services lab for custom panels and programs.

Combining speed and resolution, Orion enables comprehensive phenotypic profiling and characterization of tissue architecture, tumor heterogeneity, and the immune response for whole sections in hours, not days.

Unlock Spatial Biology with Orion Technology

21-channel, whole-slide fluorescence imaging Flexible panel design
Stain and image in hours, not days FFPE and fresh frozen compatible
Rapid, single staining procedure Uses standard microscopy slides
High resolution Clinical lab suitability
H&E imaging Open file format

The Orion Platform includes the Orion Instrument, StrataPlex Reagents, and Artemis Software.

Customize the Orion Platform for your lab.

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Orion. Spatial Biology Realized.