Orion Reagents

Customize your multiplex staining panel design with Orion Reagents

Orion Reagents are tailored to streamline the development of custom, multiplex tissue panels within the Orion platform workflow. These reagents are compatible with formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) or frozen tissue sections. A single staining process, based on standard IHC and IF protocols, makes Orion Reagents a convenient choice for staining. Inquire with our team to learn more about our panels and labeled antibodies, and how to create custom panels that incorporate your antibodies.

Simple staining with Orion Reagents enables high resolution multiplexed imaging

Tongue tissue – Submucosal stroma

Tongue - Submucosal stroma
MYH11 (yellow), Vimentin (magenta), SMA (red), FAP (white), CD31 (green).

Tongue tissue – T-Cell subsets

Tongue - T-Cell subsets
E-Cadherin (teal), Pan-CK (blue), CD4 (green), CD8a (red), PD-1 (yellow), FOXP3 (magenta).

Lung tissue

Lung tissue
CD68 (blue), CD163 (yellow), CD31 (red), ECad (magenta), CK (white). scale bar = 100 μm

Skin tissue (Melanoma)

Skin tissue with melanoma
SYTOX (blue), S100 (yellow), Ki67 (red), TIGIT (green). scale bar = 20 μm

Thymus tissue

Thymus tissue
Vimentin (blue), ECad (magenta), PanCK (green), CAM5.2 (red). scale bar = 200 μm

Tonsil tissue

Tonsil tissue
CD20 (blue), CD4 (white), Ki67 (red), PanCK (yellow). scale bar = 1000 μm

View an interactive data set

View an interactive dataset

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