Circulating Tumor Cell Clinical Research

RareCyte® enables practical deployment of CTC-based liquid biopsy with instrumentation and consumables that provide an exquisitely sensitive, accurate, reproducible, and transparent workflow from blood collection to single-cell isolation.

  • Unbiased, reproducible, highly sensitive, and specific CTC detection
  • Scalable, high-capacity platform with workflow breakpoints, including slide banking, that enable multi-site execution
  • Deploy through our global contract research organization (CRO) network or in your own lab
  • Utilize cancer-specific panels or Developer panels for CTC biomarker analysis
  • Custom assay and companion diagnostics co-development through our Pharma Programs 

RareCyte panels for liquid biopsy analysis include markers used for CTC identification and biomarker exploration. CTCs are identified as nucleated cells that express CK/EpCAM but not CD45. The breast assay used the RarePlex HER2/ER CTC Panel Kit and the prostate assay used the ARv7 CTC Panel Kit and a Developer Kit for AR. With Developer technology, you can customize your panel with up to two of your own biomarkers.
CyteFinder® HT with 80-slide capacity for clinical research.
Three-day blood stability and option to bank slides before staining enables practical multi-site workflow for clinical research.
Five-cell CTC cluster expressing drug target from a clinical research study participant. Cytokeratin (red) / EpCAM (magenta) / Drug target (green) / CD45 (yellow) / nuclei (blue)
Bank AccuCyte slides in freezer prior to staining.

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