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RareCyte is a Precision Biology company who launched their first commercial product in 2015 with the release of the CyteFinder® Imaging Instrument. CyteFinder along with the revolutionary AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System have seen worldwide adoption with customers at academic medical centers, contract research organizations, and biopharma companies. With the release of the novel Orion® Multiplex Imaging Instrument in 2020, RareCyte moved into the Spatial Biology realm and continue to excel in innovation and growth of the Orion Platform for Spatial Biology.

RareCyte’s continued growth has expanded regulatory and clinical development capability to support companion diagnostics (CDx) partnership programs with biopharma.

The company’s Precision Biology Services division utilizes both the Liquid Biopsy and Orion best in class platforms to deliver quality-focused, end-to-end services from custom assay development to clinical trial testing for researchers, translational scientists, and drug development and diagnostics organizations.

RareCyte partners with you and global IVD manufacturers to develop and commercialize companion diagnostics and/or leverage our network of Qualified Service Providers (QSPs) enabling retrospective and prospective clinical studies.

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Headquartered in Seattle, WA, RareCyte is an innovative precision biology company that has developed technologies and end-to-end integrated platforms enabling advances in oncology, immuno-oncology, maternal-fetal health, and cell and gene therapy.

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers are continuously dedicated to design products and provide services which advance biomedical research and contribute to companion diagnostic development.

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