RarePlex® ARv7/Synaptophysin CTC Panel Kit
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RarePlex ARv7/Synaptophysin CTC Panel Kit

RareCyte’s androgen receptor splice variant 7 (ARv7) and neuroendocrine marker, synaptophysin (SYP), circulating tumor cell assay provides highly accurate, repeatable, and precise results for circulating tumor cell count, ARv7 and SYP biomarker expression, and is suitable for use in large, multi-center clinical trials of prostate cancer. This assay enables a blood-based investigation of two prominent mechanisms by which tumors become resistant to second line endocrine therapies.

The assay includes processing blood to slides with the AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System followed by staining with the RarePlex 0919-LB ARv7/Synaptophysin CTC Panel Kit and imaging on a CyteFinder® Instrument. Machine learning enabled analysis and scoring maximizes reviewer concordance.

This ARv7/Synaptophysin assay is deployed on RareCyte’s circulating tumor cell analysis platform with:

  • Simple processing of blood to slides for sample banking
  • Convenient pause points in workflow enable sample control and transport
  • Flexibility in sample handling – processing and analysis may be performed at the same site or at a separate clinical research laboratory when desired
  • Extensive validation and highly automated process yield accurate and highly reproducible results
  • Worldwide network of contract research organizations (CROs) to support global clinical trials
RarePlex® Panel and Developer Assays for CTC enumeration and characterization
Presented by Arturo Ramirez, Ph.D., Director of Oncology R&D
This 7 minute overview of RarePlex Panel Kits and Developer technology highlights available circulating tumor cell assays from RareCyte and presents an introduction to our assay design and validation.

22RV1 stained with the 0919-LB ARv7/Synaptophysin CTC Panel Kit
22RV1 stained with the 0919-LB ARv7/Synaptophysin CTC Panel Kit.
Scale bar represents 10μm.
Distribution of Synaptophysin MFI for mCTC across 5 slide replicates
Distribution of Synaptophysin MFI for mCTC across 5 slide replicates per cell line for stainer run 1 (left), 2, (center), and 3 (right). Whiskers indicate the 10-90 percentile range. Dotted line indicate threshold (MFI=120) used to determine biomarker expression status on a per-cell basis.

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