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CyteFinder® & CytePicker®

Single cell detection and retrieval

Every cell – imaged, analyzed, discovered


CyteFinder is a small, powerful system that enables high-throughput rare cell detection and analysis.

Key features of the CyteFinder system include:

  • Provides precise visual confirmation of target cells with over 400 analytical parameters
  • Multi-channel detection with up to 6 channels allows use of custom panels
  • Slide scan time of less than 12 minutes in standard operation


Integrated with the CyteFinder instrument, the CytePicker module enables isolation and downstream analysis of individual, rare cells.

Key features of the CytePicker module include:

  • Retrieves single cells with little or no contamination from other cells
  • Two-click system calibration and precise flow control enable repeated retrieval and deposit of rare cells of interest
  • Allows visual confirmation of retrieved cells to ensure accuracy

Publications Featuring CyteFinder & CytePicker

Circulating tumor cell monitoring, isolation and culture from a patient with metastatic triple negative breast cancer for drug screening and creation of a patient-derived xenograft model
Presented at AACR 2017

Feasibility of Assessing Circulating Tumor Cells in Patient-Derived Xenograft Tumor Models
Presented at AACR 2016

High-recovery visual identification and single-cell retrieval of circulating tumor cells for genomic analysis using a dual-technology platform  integrated with automated immunofluorescence staining.
BMC Cancer 2015 15:360

What allows us to find this single rare cell?

Application specific automated microscope platform

  • Patented kinematic slide holder
  • Custom designed motion control system
  • Integrated machine-learning algorithm

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