RareCyte's novel technology platform has two integrated components:

1) AccuCyte® blood separation system with the companion CyteSealer® device for precise separation of blood into components including plasma and nucleated cells, coupled with easy preparation of slides with the CyteSpreader® slide prep device.

2) CyteFinder® instrument for cell imaging and analysis with optional CytePicker® module with disposable precision tips for retrieving automatically identified rare cells for further single-cell genomic or proteomic analysis.

AccuCyte® Blood Separation System

RareCyte's AccuCyte blood separation system is designed to be consistent and reproducible with virtually no loss of cells. A simple two-step centrifugation method takes advantage of the nucleated cells' density to concentrate and separate cells of interest away from plasma and red blood cells – no biomarker is necessary for cell selection. The AccuCyte system integrates easily with commonly available lab equipment.

CyteFinder® Instrument with CytePicker® Module for sample analysis and Single Cell Retrieval

The CyteFinder Instrument enables accurate single cell discovery using multiplex imaging and proprietary software to detect and rank potential cells of interest in the sample. The user verifies each individual cell's detailed morphology and biomarker expression profile.

Following discovery and characterization, cells of interest can be individually retrieved for additional downstream analysis using RareCyte's CytePicker, an optional module for the CyteFinder system that enables the removal of single cells from AccuCyte slides with easy to use software.

All from a single instrument.