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RareCyte® announces the Orion spatial biology platform with breakthrough technology for same-day highly multiplexed tissue analysis

A complete platform of instrumentation, software, and reagents for rapid fluorescence staining and 21-channel whole-slide imaging

Seattle, WA. July 16, 2020 – RareCyte, Inc., a company focused on providing Precision Biology solutions for life sciences, announced today the Orion spatial biology analysis platform applicable to translational and clinical research. Orion is based on a patented and proprietary technology that will accelerate immuno-oncology and infectious disease research. Orion enables comprehensive phenotypic profiling and spatial analysis of the tissue microenvironment in a matter of hours, in contrast to existing technologies that require several days to weeks.

The platform includes the Orion Instrument and TissuePlex reagents. The Orion Instrument images an entire pathology slide at high speed and high resolution in 21 fluorescence channels and also extracts biomarkers from autofluorescence, solving a significant problem with tissue imaging. Companion TissuePlex panels are shipped as customizable catalog labelling kits. The Orion platform can also be accessed via customer specified programs via RareCyte laboratory Services.

“We are excited to bring this revolutionary new technology to market that enables researchers to obtain multi-dimensional data from their entire tissue sample much faster and with higher resolution than ever before” said Joe Victor, CEO of RareCyte. “In the world of precision medicine, there is a vast unmet need for researchers and clinicians to probe their precious samples for high-multiplex information, but the available technologies can take more than a week to process one sample. We believe that Orion with 21 channel whole-slide single scan capability in just a few hours will have significant impact in this critical area.”

Orion is now available for purchase. Contact our sales team at for more information, or visit

About RareCyte, Inc.

RareCyte offers Precision Biology solutions focused on multiplexed analysis of cells and tissue with applications in both research and clinical diagnostics. The company has deep experience in developing advanced precision life science systems used in cutting-edge labs worldwide. Our customers perform innovative research, bring new therapeutics to market, and perform a wide range of single cell applications in oncology and disease research.

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