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RareCyte expands liquid biopsy offerings with the RarePlex™ CTC Developer Kit for custom biomarkers, and introduces the next generation CytePicker® Cell Retrieval Module for single cell and tissue micro-region retrieval

Seattle, WA, March 11, 2019 – RareCyte, Inc., a global rare cell detection and liquid biopsy company, announces its newest products, the RarePlex™ CTC Developer Kit, and the next generation CytePicker® Cell Retrieval Module in conjunction with the Molecular Med Tricon Meeting in San Francisco March 10 through 15. The RarePlex CTC Developer Kit leverages the robust detection and enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) of the RareCyte base CTC detection assay and enables characterization of those CTCs with up to two custom biomarkers. This capability enables customers to independently innovate and create a wide range of CTC detection assays utilizing biomarkers of interest and expand on the RareCyte liquid biopsy platform.

Also announced is the innovative next generation CytePicker Retrieval Module. The CytePicker Module enables single cell and tissue micro-region retrieval from samples prepared on slides. The patented, semi-automated retrieval process is the only available technology that preserves sample integrity for a wide variety of DNA and RNA based downstream applications including: single CTC mutational analysis, RNA-based TCR discovery, and single cell and tissue microenvironment differential expression analysis. The next generation CytePicker Module utilizes auto-loading retrieval needles as well as ultra-low volume liquid handling for reliable single cell and tissue micro-region retrieval. RareCyte will be featuring these new products as well as the latest capabilities of the AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System and CyteFinder® Instrument family at Molecular Med Tricon, booth 701.

About RareCyte, Inc.

RareCyte offers next-generation tools and reagents for applications enabled by the analysis and capture of rare cells from blood and tissue including its foundational next generation liquid biopsy platform. The company has a long pedigree in developing advanced precision life science systems used in cutting-edge labs worldwide. Our customers perform innovative research, bring new therapeutics to market, and perform a wide-range of single cell applications in oncology, prenatal testing, and infectious disease. For more information about RareCyte, visit