Rare-Cell Analysis

RareCyte® offers a comprehensive and flexible platform for rare cell analysis.

  • High sensitivity and specificity enable applications in which cells are rare due to frequency or scarcity
  • Works with any specimen on slides including blood smears, tissue, and fine needle aspirates
  • Enables deep phenotyping and flexible biomarker analysis with up to six imaging channels
  • Integrated platform from sample collection and rare-cell identification to single-cell or tissue micro-region retrieval
  • Workflows accommodate fixed or live cell samples

SK-BR-3 model CTC surrounded by white blood cells on AccuCyte® slide. CK / EpCAM (magenta) / nuclei (blue).
Multiple myeloma cells from liquid biopsy sample on an AccuCyte slide. CD45 (red) / CD138 (green) / nuclei (blue)
Hodgkin Lymphoma cell from a fine needle aspirate