Single-Cell and Tissue Micro-Region Retrieval

Harness the power of single-cell or tissue micro-region retrieval for molecular analysis.

  • Collect individual cells or tissue micro-regions from slides into PCR tubes for nucleic acid analysis
  • Image-based selection and confirmation of deposit ensures analysis of the correct biological material
  • Mechanical needle-based process preserves DNA and RNA integrity

RNA-seq and differential expression analysis on tissue micro-regions
RNA-seq and differential expression analysis on tissue micro-regions comparing the follicular zone to the T-cell zone.
Tissue transcriptomics with CyteFinder® II Instruments
Presented by Jennifer Chow, PhD, Principal Scientist
This 5 minute overview of RareCyte’s spatial transcriptomics technology highlights how multiplex imaging and needle-based retrieval with the CyteFinder II platform enables discovery applications with FFPE and fresh frozen tissue samples.

 Single cell acquisition with the CytePcker Module
CytePicker Module picks a single cell from AccuCyte® slide
Retrieval of pancreatic cancer tissue micro-region
Pancreatic cancer tissue micro-region retrieved with CytePicker Retrieval Module. CK (green) / nuclei (blue)