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Cell Discovery Kit for Leica® BOND® Rx instruments

The Cell Discovery Kit allows custom panel development in your lab for the detection of circulating tumor cells that do not express epithelial markers, such as sarcomas and melanoma, as well as other non-tumor rare cell populations. Together with the AccuCyte® Sample Preparation System, the Cell Discovery Kit provides sensitive and specific rare cell identification.

The flexibility of the Cell Discovery Kit offers new rare-cell detection strategies for the investigation of novel rare cells using your own unique biomarker targets:

  • Discover non-epithelial CTCs by substituting your desired antibody for the cytokeratin/EpCAM antibody cocktail used in RarePlex 0900-LB CTC Kit
  • Investigate CTCs in patient-derived xenograft (PDX) mouse models by substituting an anti-mouse CD45 antibody for the standard anti-human CD45 antibody
  • Discover non-tumor related rare cells by creating a customized combination of positive and negative selection markers in both the CK/EpCAM and CD45


Key features:  

  • Rare cell detection/characterization in up to 5 channels when paired with Developer Kits
  • Adds flexibility and new applications using the RareCyte platform:  
    – non-epithelial cancer detection/characterization  
    – cancer research in PDX models  
    – custom rare cell detection  
  • Leverages RareCyte’s robust, clinically proven, end-to-end CTC workflow  

Spiked in a melanoma cell line and detected with a representative melanoma marker, S100, instead of CK/EpCAM

Detection of spiked-in human cells in a background of mouse blood by replacing the standard CD45 detection antibody with one developed to detect mouse CD45

Validated performance of the reagents by addition of standard markers, CK/EpCAM cocktail and CD45, in the kit and comparing to a standard 0900-LB base

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